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Food, kitchen and recipe blog for a corporate bistro in stockholm. All original content, most photos taken in the kitchen during service.

Amuse Bouche Raw.

Summer, it’s vacation time even for cooks, and what do we do on our vacation? we cook.. It’s somewhere between a job and a compulsion.

Luckily, in the summer, we can find a plethora of fantastic edibles without even leaving the back garden of our chosen summer vacation spot, so here’s something to wake up your eyes as well as your tastebuds, your nose and your tactile sensors. Inspired by the recent string of posts on

Wild strawberries, strawberries, dill, oregano flowers, oregano leaf, mint, rose petals, blackcurrants, lavender and violas. A burst of flawors guaranteed to wake you up and leave you wanting more of what summer has to offer.

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