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Oh, honey honey.

Last week, we helped out in extracting the honey from the combs removed from our beehive over the summer.

We scraped the wax lid off of the combs before placing them in what is essentially a large centrifuge that holds 12 combs and spinning it to remove the honey which pours out the bottom of the centrifuge and through a sieve, removing most of the wax that follows with it.

Most of the combs stay intact and are reintroduced to the hive again.

We seem to be getting in excess of 20 kilos of honey this year. The bees seem appy and productive out on the eight floor terracce in the middle of stockholm, and we couldn’t be happier. We get oodles of honey to use both for cooking, baking, and sending guests and colleagues home with their own jars.

We’ve had the beehive for close to two years now, in a collaboration with Bee Urban, a stockholm-based company run by biologists who are introducing beehives to the urban center in an effort to both increase pollination in the capital but more importantly spread awareness about the crucial benefits we all get from maintaining biodiversity.

Pollinators are needed for pretty much everything we eat, and the bees are struggling for a myriad of reasons globally, many of the problems are man-made, and it is one very clear and striking example of just how much we rely on “free” factors from natural systems.

As an example, try to imagine the amount of pollination is involved in amassing over 20 kilos of honey. Now try to imagine people running around with tiny brushes trying to replicate that work if we manage to eradicate pollinators. In some regions of the world, you don’t have to actually imagine it, it’s a reality due to monocultures, pesticides etc.

Also, the honey is absolutely fantastic on waffles, so there’s that :)

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